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LA ROSSINI - FESTIVAL DELLA PIZZA PESARESE 2019- aspettando la data della 2° edizione


A Pesaro, e solo nella città di Pesaro, in qualsiasi pizzeria voi andiate, potete ordinare ...


La Stradomenica - ogni 3° domenica del mese


La Stradomenica A Pesaro, ogni terza domenica del mese, é la Stradomenica. La città si apre allo ...


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Pesaro, living the city

There are cities which are bound to integrate hospitality with their lifestyle and their identity, due to their climate and position, and because of their choices and inclinations. On the shores of the Adriatic, Pesaro, has made hospitality its distinguishing mark, leveraging its culture, its medium size and relaxed pace, its modern and historic heritage. It is a calling first heard at the end of the nineteenth century and which has constantly evolved, aiming at capturing guests, whether they be attracted by its not overcrowded beaches, by the outdoor sports opportunities, or by the enjoyment of the arts. Seven kilometers of serviced beaches and free beaches, rimmed by overwhelming surroundings, such as the Mount San Bartolo natural park and other cliffs facing the sea, fully serviced beach activities, and shallow waters with sandy bottoms which seem to be made for families, and a port from which hovercrafts can take tourists to Croatia, on the other side of the Adriatic, in just over 2 hours. Pesaro is also an old town with elegant streets creating a semi-metropolitan feeling, where between buildings, churches, museums, fortresses, old and modern libraries, visitors can stroll to discover works of art and invention, or to see the hundreds of shows and events which liven up the city in the summer and the rest of the year. Most of the hotels are located in the heart of the city, in one of the best known and most exclusive areas of the Adriatic. On the Viale Trieste, wedged between the Ardizio and San Bartolo hills, directly facing the beach and just a few steps from the wonder of the old town, Pesaro hotels are comfortable and relaxing venues, simple though elegant, perfectly integrated in their urban framework, and ready to satisfy any requirements. Relax, beach, fun, nature, culture and great food are the perfect ingredients for your recipe: YOUR HOLIDAY IN PESARO.