Located 35 km from Pesaro, Urbino was one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, and since 1998, the whole old town centre was declared UNESCO “World Heritage Site”. Ruled by the Montefeltro family since 1443, Urbino reached the height of its artistic splendor with duke Frederick the 2nd Montefeltro. Frederick enlarged and greatly improved the family Palace, transforming it into the beautiful Ducal Palace of Urbino, now home of the prestigious Galleria Nazionale delle Marche art gallery. Walking through the streets of the old town, visitors are transported out of time, in surroundings where the old Renaissance flare seems to still linger among the many historic buildings, such as the St. John and St. Joseph oratories, the cathedral, and painter Raphael’s birthouse.
Home to one of the oldest universities in Italy, Urbino is still today an important university city and every year it hosts a lot of events, such as the Duke’s Festival, the Kites Festival and the International Ancient Music Festival.