Pesaro is known around the world as the birthplace of the great composer Gioachino Rossini, born in this city on February 29th, 1792. Quite a few buildings related to cultural activities were named after the composer (such as the prestigious theater or Rossini’s birthouse and museum) and internationally important events such as the Rossini Opera Festival (ROF), the only opera festival entirely dedicated to Gioachino Rossini. In addition to the ROF, which attracts thousands of fans from around the world every year, Pesaro offers a full calendar of music-related events and initiatives, music being a cultural heritage of vital importance for the city. The presence of prestigious historic institutions (such as the Music Academy and the Rossini Foundation, which is devoted to spreading the Maestro’s memory and music), the many associations and bands, and the wide range of shows and live music events, have turned Pesaro into a real “city of music.”