Pesaro holds a number of “hidden” treasures of great historical and artistic importance: public, private, or religious buildings, which are open and can be visited limitedly, or
Only in some specific periods of the year. First and foremost, the Cathedral mosaics, which hold national artistic relevance, and which were unearthed in the early nineties, after laying buried for many centuries under the modern flooring. Today, these mosaics are partly visible through glass covered openings in the marble floor. Actually, there were two different mosaic floors laid in different periods, and they spread over a total area of 900 square meters, raising lots of controversy as to whether this beautiful floor shouldn’t be made more enjoyable and more extensively visible to visitors.
Another little-known jewel which is only open during the summer season, is the Church of the Name of God, a real baroque treasure characterized by a very unusual scenic set-up. And finally, one of the symbols of the Pesaro seaside avenue, the Ruggeri chalet, holds incredible stories, legends and secrets, hidden behind his extravagant facades decorated in perfect liberty style.