Due to its motorcycling tradition and the many scenic routes for bikers, Pesaro is considered the city of motorcycle. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a brand of great importance for the history of motorcycling was created here: the “Benelli”. One of the founders of the Benelli was Tonino, who became Italy’s motorcycling champion in 1927. In addition to this brand, which became famous all over the world, numerous workshops were born in Pesaro such as the famous Morbidelli and MotoBi, contributing to the forging of a local passion for the 2 wheels. And lots of champions were born and raised in this area: the world famous Valentino Rossi, and many others, like former world champion Eugenio Lazzarini, the Italian champion Paolo Campanelli and the legendary Tonino Benelli. In Pesaro motorcycling enthusiasts can admire extraordinary pieces in the collections of the Morbidelli Museum and the Benelli Museum and ride along the many suggested itineraries for bikers, on roads that look like they had been designed just for them, admiring nature and the beauty of the area.