Cagli is 75 km from Pesaro, at the foot of the Monte Petrano mountain, along the ancient Via Flaminia, which in Roman times connected Rimini to Rome.
The city, of ancient origin, was made part of the Urbino territory in the 15th century, and in 1481 it was equipped with a massive walled fortress by Duke Frederick of Montefeltro.
Today there are only a few remains (among which the main tower, now hosting the Centre for Contemporary Sculpture) of this great fortification, which had been designed by famous Tuscan architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. including the majestic Tower, which houses the Center for Contemporary Sculpture.
As well as significant religious buildings, the old town of Cagli boasts important historical buildings, such as the Preziosi-Brancaleoni Palace, the Tiranni-Castracane Palace, the Municipal Theatre and the Public Palace. During the year Cagli offers important events and historical re-enactments such as the Palio dell’Oca, the San Geronzio fair and the Snail Festival.